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Nominum Launches App Development Platform for Network Operators

Nominum’s New Platform Is Designed To Help Network Operators Make Their Networks Safer and More Efficient

Nominum’s New Platform Is Designed To Help Network Operators Make Their Networks Safer and More Efficient

Nominum, a provider of subscriber, network and security solutions for network operators, has released a new platform aimed at simplifying application development by leveraging direct integration with DNS engines to allow application providers to have access to DNS query streams in real-time.

NominumThe product has been dubbed the N2 Platform. In addition the release of N2, Nominum has released a number of applications built on top of the platform that the company says will enhance security:

· Subscriber Safety: Protects subscribers from malicious websites on any device.

· Network Security: Deters outbound spam, protects valuable network assets and subscribers.

· Personal Internet: Designed to make it simple for subscribers to personalize their home Internet.

· Network View: Offers access to high-level network intelligence with drill downs to detailed data. 

· Configuration Manager: GUI interface streamlines DNS operations and reduces management costs.

· Content Filtering: Gives families the option to keep illegal and offensive content out of their homes and mobile devices.

According to the company, the N2 platform anonymizes the data it gathers and makes application development faster, more feature-rich and simpler than building applications from scratch. In addition, the N2 platform simplifies the integration of applications with existing network operator systems and coordinates policies between network elements for shorter delivery time to market, the company said.

“Traditionally, it’s been hard to take advantage of DNS data to gauge network health and activity or improve the subscriber experience,” said Nominum Chairman Dr. Paul Mockapetris, in a statement. “The tools for collecting, synthesizing, anonymizing, and analyzing it weren’t adequate. The N2 Platform simplifies the process of collecting large amounts of data in real-time and makes it easier to develop new applications and integrate with other network operator systems.”

The company also talked up its IDEAL ecosystem of application providers using the N2 Platform. Through IDEAL, network operators can collaborate with Nominum and third-party developers to make their networks run efficiently and securely, according to the company. 

“While our customers around the world are excited about being able to build and deploy more feature rich applications, what’s really driving them to adopt the N2 platform and the IDEAL ecosystem is their ability to better leverage the joint efforts of their internal business and technical teams,” said Gary Messiana, CEO of Nominum, in a statement. “By giving them a common platform to work from, they are more agile and can deliver projects in less time with much lower total cost of ownership.”

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