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Trend Micro’s security researchers have identified a new macOS backdoor that they believe is used by the Vietnamese threat actor OceanLotus. [Read More]
Banijay, one of the world’s largest media production and distribution companies, has been hit by the DoppelPaymer ransomware. [Read More]
European IT services provider Sopra Steria estimates that a recent ransomware attack will have a negative financial impact of between €40 million and €50 million. [Read More]
The University of Vermont Medical Center is continuing to recover from the cyber attack late last month that crippled access to electronic records at the Burlington hospital. [Read More]
Three Nigerian nationals have been arrested in Lagos for their suspected involvement in Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams. [Read More]
Imaging and optical giant Canon this week revealed that data was stolen in a ransomware attack it fell victim to in early August 2020. [Read More]
The US Treasury has extended by seven days the November 27 deadline given to the Chinese owner of TikTok to sell the popular social media platform's American business. [Read More]
Drupal released an out-of-band security update just before Thanksgiving to patch code execution vulnerabilities for which exploit code exists. [Read More]
An unofficial patch is now available through ACROS Security’s 0patch service for a zero-day vulnerability identified earlier this month in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. [Read More]
Manchester United has been unable to fully restore its computer systems a week after being targeted in a cyberattack. [Read More]

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Tim Bandos's picture
Keeping a ‘six foot distance’ between our digital home life and digital work life can go a long way when it comes to safeguarding our most sensitive data, too.
Torsten George's picture
Ultimately, organizations must assume that bad actors are already in their networks. And consumers must realize they’re constant targets.
Galina Antova's picture
In lock step with digital transformation projects, organizations are adopting the best practice of centralizing responsibility and accountability for securing the OT environment with the CISO.
AJ Nash's picture
Knowing that threat intelligence is readily available and proving its worth is one thing, understanding how to use it within your security operations program is quite another.
Laurence Pitt's picture
To reap the benefits of 5G and ensure security, organizations must be smarter, fully educated and willing to work alongside the tech.
Marc Solomon's picture
When intelligence becomes a capability and not just subscriptions to feeds, we can gain the full value of intelligence as the foundation to security operations.
John Maddison's picture
SD-WAN connections are designed to constantly shift and adjust, replacing one connection that has become unstable with another without interrupting application performance.
Gunter Ollmann's picture
It is reasonable to assume that within five years the term “confidential compute” will become superfluous and an assumed native component of all cloud services.
Torsten George's picture
Today’s dynamic threatscape requires security professionals to adjust to an ever-expanding attack surface.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
I have noticed some common threads that run through both good and bad advice, particularly in the security field.