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McAfee is planning to return to public markets, with an IPO that some estimate at $2 billion. [Read More]
Human rights organization Amnesty International has identified new macOS and Linux-targeting variants of the infamous FinFisher-made spyware family FinSpy. [Read More]
Universal Health Services (UHS) over the weekend shut down the IT networks at multiple hospitals in the United States, after being hit with a cyberattack. [Read More]
French shipping giant CMA CGM has disclosed a security breach and according to some reports it involved a piece of ransomware. [Read More]
Pastebin announces Burn After Read and Password Protected Pastes, but some industry professionals believe they will likely be abused by malicious actors. [Read More]
CISA has warned of attacks targeting the Zerologon vulnerability and it has released a script that helps users identify unpatched domain controllers. [Read More]
Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin over the weekend announced that hackers managed to steal large amounts of cryptocurrencies from multiple hot wallets. [Read More]
A hacker has uploaded PDF files to the websites of several organizations, including the WHO and UNESCO. [Read More]
Tyler Technologies has advised customers to reset remote network access passwords after a couple of customers reported suspicious logins. [Read More]
TikTok won a last-minute reprieve late Sunday as a US federal judge halted enforcement of a politically charged ban ordered by the Trump administration on downloads of the popular video app, hours before it was set to take effect. [Read More]

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Idan Aharoni's picture
Speak with security professionals who are involved in monitoring the Dark Web and you will probably end up getting varied responses as to what it is and what it is comprised of.
Gunter Ollmann's picture
The phrase “assume breach” has been transformational to enterprise security investment and defensive strategy for a few years but may now be close to retirement.
Marc Solomon's picture
While it may be a trendy term, in cybersecurity, intelligence pivoting is pivotal to detection and response.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
A healthy dose of self-doubt can go a long way towards keeping us on our toes and continually improving the security posture of our respective organizations.
Galina Antova's picture
As digital transformation and cybersecurity become pillars that successful companies will build their futures on, the time has come to include CISOs and CIOs on company boards.
Torsten George's picture
Vishing is a form of criminal phone fraud, combining one-on-one phone calls with custom phishing sites.
Idan Aharoni's picture
The term "Threat Intelligence" encompasses an ever-growing set of offerings that, on an operational standpoint, have different use cases.
Rafal Los's picture
If you're not allocating time to develop strong operational process - integrations and workflows - you're never going to solve the problem you're trying to solve.
Laurence Pitt's picture
Despite the lack of travel and in-person networking opportunities, virtual events have proven valuable in learning about the industry’s top trends and engaging in important discussions with our peers. Black Hat was no exception.
Justin Fier's picture
Businesses should be emphasizing visibility, early threat detection, and focusing on understanding ‘normal’ activity rather than ‘bad.’