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China-linked Nickel used the websites in attacks on organizations in the United States and worldwide. [Read More]
The new sandboxing technology relies on WebAssembly to isolate vulnerable and malicious code. [Read More]
The threat group responsible for the SolarWinds hack has recently started using a new piece of malware named CEELOADER as it continues to steal data relevant to Russian interests. [Read More]
The latest browser release addresses 20 vulnerabilities, including at least 15 rated high severity. [Read More]
Israel is tightening supervision over cyber exports — a move that follows a series of scandals involving Israeli spyware company NSO Group. [Read More]
Watch the interview with Steve Katz, the first ever Chief Information Security Officer, to hear how security leaders can make it OK to click, and how that makes a difference for employees and organizations alike. [Read More]
Kasada has closed a $23 million Series C funding round led by StepStone Group. [Read More]
Security problems at enterprise software provider Zoho multiply with confirmation of a new critical authentication bypass vulnerability -- the third in four months -- being exploited in the wild. [Read More]
Distributed through the Hancitor malware loader, Cuba ransomware has compromised at least 49 targets in 5 sectors. [Read More]
Researchers have developed a tool that checks web browsers for cross-site leaks, and they have identified 14 new types of XS-Leak attacks. [Read More]

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Torsten George's picture
While it might be overwhelming to look at the critical threats on the horizon you need to prepare for, focusing on these predictions for 2022 will help you strengthen your security posture and minimize your organization’s risk exposure.
Yaniv Vardi's picture
If you’re a CISO or security leader, here are three questions to ask yourself as you consider this legislation and look to improve the security posture of your OT environment.
Laurence Pitt's picture
With tight resources for managing healthcare, the IT challenge to keep track of vast amounts of data being created, accessed and modified is critical.
Marie Hattar's picture
In order to deliver on the promise of 5G, we need new industry standards for security, testing, and training to proactively combat 5G cyber threats and minimize risks.
Marc Solomon's picture
Security Operations Centers do not need another acronym. What they need are capabilities that enable them to address their top use cases faster and more thoroughly in the face of evolving attacks.
Gordon Lawson's picture
For red teams, using an obfuscated network for testing offers the advantage of hiding who is performing the attack and where it is originating, for a more real-life context
Tim Bandos's picture
There’s no doubt that there are a lot of things on your CISO’s mind. Whether they have an active role at board meetings or not, chances are these are some of the most pressing items they’d like to discuss with you.
Jeff Orloff's picture
Most organizations rely too heavily on their cybersecurity pros to protect them from threats, ignoring the painful reality that human error is by far the most common cause of security breaches.
John Maddison's picture
Recent changes have resulted in a proliferation of devices and users working from anywhere, which has expanded the digital attack surface and exposed more applications, devices, data, and users to risk.
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One of the best approaches to identifying both the value you are bringing to a customer and opportunities to increase that value is by going on the change-journey with your customers.