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Malware & Threats

Software developers have been targeted in a new attack via malicious packages in the NuGet repository.

Malware & Threats

Cybercriminals are abusing the Adobe Acrobat Sign service in a campaign distributing the RedLine information stealer malware.

New ‘GoBruteforcer’ Botnet Targets Web Servers

Malware & Threats

The recently identified Golang-based GoBruteforcer botnet is targeting web servers running FTP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, and Postgres services.


Authorities seized a domain distributing the NetWire RAT and arrested a Croatian individual who administered the website.

Custom Chinese Malware Found on SonicWall Appliance

Malware & Threats

Malware deployed by Chinese hackers on a SonicWall SMA appliance includes credential theft, shell access, and persistence functionality.

Google Discontinuing Chrome Tool for Removing Unwanted Software

Endpoint Security

Google has announced the discontinuation of the Chrome Cleanup Tool, an application for identifying and removing unwanted software.