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Endpoint Security

A backdoor feature found in hundreds of Gigabyte motherboard models can pose a significant supply chain risk to organizations.

Malware & Threats

Security researchers have discovered spyware code in 101 Android applications that had over 421 million downloads in Google Play.

Malware & Threats

Join thousands of attendees as we dive into threat hunting tools and frameworks, and explore value of threat intelligence data in the defender’s security...

Android App With 50,000 Downloads in Google Play Turned Into Spyware via Update

Malware & Threats

The AhRat trojan was injected in a screen recording application that had amassed more than 50,000 downloads via Google Play.

Iranian Hackers Using New Windows Kernel Driver in Attacks

Malware & Threats

Iranian threat actors use a Windows kernel driver called ‘Wintapix’ in attacks against Middle East targets.

Millions of Smartphones Distributed Worldwide With Preinstalled ‘Guerrilla’ Malware

Malware & Threats

A threat actor tracked as Lemon Group has control over millions of smartphones distributed worldwide thanks to preinstalled Guerrilla malware.