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Application Security

Google introduces Mobile VRP bug bounty program for vulnerabilities in its mobile applications.

Mobile & Wireless

Samsung smartphone users warned about CVE-2023-21492, an ASLR bypass vulnerability exploited in the wild, likely by a spyware vendor.

Mobile & Wireless

Apple has patched 3 zero-days, two of which are the vulnerabilities patched with the tech giant’s first Rapid Security Response updates.

Google Announces New Rating System for Android and Device Vulnerability Reports

Mobile & Wireless

Google is updating its vulnerability reports rating system to encourage researchers to provide more details on the reported bugs.

Millions of Smartphones Distributed Worldwide With Preinstalled ‘Guerrilla’ Malware

Malware & Threats

A threat actor tracked as Lemon Group has control over millions of smartphones distributed worldwide thanks to preinstalled Guerrilla malware.

Apple Blocked 1.7 Million Applications From App Store in 2022

Mobile & Wireless

Apple says it rejected 1.7 million applications from being published in the App Store in 2022.