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Malware & Threats

Zimperium has identified over 200 information-stealing Android applications targeting mobile banking users in Iran.

Mobile & Wireless

An academic researcher demonstrates BLUFFS, six novel attacks targeting Bluetooth sessions’ forward and future secrecy.

FCC Tightens Telco Rules to Combat SIM-Swapping


Under the new rules, wireless carriers are required to notify customers of any SIM transfer requests, a measure designed to thwart fraudulent attempts by...

Mobile & Wireless

The Android security updates released this week resolve 37 vulnerabilities, including a critical information disclosure bug.

Mobile & Wireless

New iLeakage side-channel speculative execution attack exploits Safari to steal sensitive information from Macs and iPhones.

Endpoint Security

Apple patches dozens of serious security flaws in its macOS and iOS platforms, warning that hackers could launch code execution exploits.