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How Much Harm Could a Moderately Skilled Hacker Cause to Critical Nuclear Systems?

At Suits and Spooks New York (June 20-21), Joe Weiss will explain how easy it is to sabotage a nuclear facility through the power station that provides service.

Joe Weiss of Applied Control Solutions, John Mallery of MIT, and Jeffrey Carr of Taia Global, will hold a panel discussion at Suits and Spooks New York on where the tipping point lies for a cyber attack to turn into a catastrophe.

Suits and Spooks

Weiss, an internationally known expert on vulnerabilities found in industrial control systems (ICS), will present on how any hacker with only a "101" level of ICS knowledge, could take control of any number of critical nuclear systems, both land and sea-based, if they're connected to PG&E or any other electric power provider due to systemic weaknesses found in all industrial control systems.

John Mallery of MIT will speak to lower level attacks which might be used between nation states to signal their intentions, while Jeffrey Carr will moderate the discussion and invite debate from the attendees.

Also at Suits and Spooks NY, Scott Donnelly (RecordedFuture) will speak about how social media could be used as C2 for cyber operations during a kinetic conflict, Evan Kohlmann will brief attendees on current trends in online terrorist financing. Other speakers will assess threats against the financial system, novel approaches to public-private partnerships to defend against threats, and how combat TTPs are starting to inform commercial cyber security operations.

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