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Security Architecture

New CISA alerts shed light on the harm occurring when software vendors fail to implement secure by design principles.


New CISA guidance details cyber threats and risks to healthcare and public health organizations and recommends mitigations.

K-12 Schools Improve Protection Against Online Attacks, but Many Are Vulnerable to Ransomware Gangs


Some K-12 public schools are racing to improve protection against the threat of online attacks, but lax cybersecurity means thousands of others are vulnerable...

Cloud Security

In response to a spate of embarrassing hacks, Redmond pushes ‘Secure Future Initiative’ promising faster cloud patches, better management of identity signing keys and...

Identity & Access

One of the main reasons why ZTNA fails is that most ZTNA implementations tend to focus entirely on securing remote access.

CISA, HHS Release Cybersecurity Healthcare Toolkit


CISA and the HHS have released resources for healthcare and public health organizations to improve their security.