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ACROS Security Launches 0patch PRO

ACROS Security, a Slovenia-based company that specializes in cybersecurity research, penetration testing and code review, on Tuesday announced the launch of a paid version of its 0patch service.

0patch provides users small patches, or micropatches, for vulnerabilities affecting open and closed source software. Applying the micropatches created by 0patch developers is easy and users don’t need to reboot the system for the fixes to take effect.

0patch PROThrough the 0patch FREE service, users have been provided patches for many high-risk vulnerabilities, including issues affecting Windows, WinRAR, OpenOffice, Microsoft’s JET Database, and Adobe Reader. Some of the flaws covered by 0patch have been exploited in malicious attacks.

The 0patch FREE service continues to be available for personal use and educational institutions, but ACROS Security has now also launched a PRO version that is specifically designed for enterprises and individuals who want to use it for work-related purposes.

0patch PRO provides both the patches offered in the FREE version and additional fixes that are only available to PRO users, along with dedicated email-based technical support.

PRO patches cover end-of-life products and enterprise software (e.g. Windows Server). Patches for zero-day vulnerabilities will be provided to both FREE and PRO users, but once an official fix is made available by the vendor they will only be offered to PRO users.

0patch PRO is priced at $25.95 plus tax per agent per year, but a free trial and a volume discount can also be requested. An individual license must be acquired for every machine, either physical or virtual, that uses 0patch.

ACROS Security is also working on an ENTERPRISE version of 0patch, which will include central and group management capabilities and will allow organizations to use on-premises servers.

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