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Verizon Expands Cloud-based Identity Platform

Verizon Enterprise Solutions is expanding availability of its cloud-based identity platform – Verizon Universal Identity Services – to Europe, effective immediately, the company announced on Tuesday.

Previously available only in the United States, the platform also has new user-friendly features, including an updated mobile app, Quick Response code-enabled access, and a simplified end-user interface, Verizon said.

The solution uses multifactor authentication by combining an individual's username-password with a device that generates a one-time password or a biometric scan, such as fingerprint recognition. Once authenticated, users can securely access online content such as websites, corporate resources and even electronic medical records from their computer, smartphone or tablet.

According to the "Verizon 2013 Data Breach Investigations Report," weak or stolen passwords and credentials account for 76 percent of data breaches, underscoring the need for stronger online identities.

"The bad guys are becoming increasingly more sophisticated as they continue to probe business and government networks to gain access and steal information," said David Small, chief platform officer for Verizon Enterprise Solutions. "Verizon Universal Identity Services is transforming the business of validating online identities to provide a safer, more trustworthy Internet. Our platform will help achieve the vision of a single, trusted universal identity that individuals can use for all online activities, whether at home, at work or on the go."

The Verizon identity platform is available on the iOS Android, Windows and BlackBerry operating systems and can be used to validate the identities of employees, partners and customers. The platform also features legally binding digital signature capabilities, Verizon said, such as those required for electronic prescriptions, online tax filing and license renewals. In addition, a new, simplified end-user interface offers administrators an enhanced dashboard with expanded security and operations reporting that help organizations address and demonstrate security compliance.

"Verizon is investing today to meet the online identity requirements of tomorrow," Small added. "By continuing our close collaboration with government and industry stakeholders around the globe, we are working to create a global identity ecosystem that will improve the privacy, security and convenience of sensitive online transactions."

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