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SAP Patches Critical Vulnerability in BusinessObjects

This week, SAP released its October 2018 set of patches, which includes the first Hot News security note for SAP BusinessObjects in over five years.

SAP included 11 security notes in its October 2018 Security Patch Day, to which it also added 4 updates to previously released notes. Thus, the patches include 15 notes: 2 rated Hot News, 4 High priority, and 9 Medium priority.

Featuring a CVSS score of 9.8, the most important of the notes addresses an information disclosure issue in the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Suite client (CVE-2018-2471).

An analytics business intelligence front-end platform, BusinessObjects provides customers with the ability to search and analyze data, and with the option to visualize it and perform predictive analytics.

The information disclosure bug can be triggered through the execution of certain special Central Management Server (CMS) scripts on the Central Management Server. The execution is performed without properly checked authorizations, as ERP and business-critical application security company Onapsis explains.

Additionally, SAP tagged as Hot News an update to a note released in April 2018, which provides security updates for the Chromium browser delivered with SAP Business Client.

The High priority flaws include missing network isolation in Gardener (CVE-2018-2475), denial of service (DOS) in OPC UA applications of SAP Plant Connectivity (CVE-2018-12585, CVE-2018-12086), and updates to previously released notes, affecting SAP Records Management and SAP HANA.

The missing network isolation flaw in Gardener can be combined with other security issues to theoretically lead to the compromise of clusters in the application context, ERPScan, a company that specializes in securing Oracle and SAP products, reveals.

The remaining SAP security notes address bugs in Netweaver Application Server for ABAP (CVE-2018-2470), BusinessObjects (CVE-2018-2472, CVE-2018-2467), Data Services (CVE-2018-2466), Plant Connectivity (CVE-2017-12069), Adaptive Server Enterprise (CVE-2018-2469, CVE-2018-2468), and Fiori (CVE-2018-2474).

Five support package notes are added to the 15 Security Patch Day notes, for a total of 20 security notes. Six of the notes are updates to previously released security notes.

Information disclosure was the most encountered type of vulnerability, followed by cross-site scripting (XSS), XML external entity (XXE), and cross-site request forgery (CSRF).

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