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Jennifer Leggio

Jennifer Leggio is the owner of Moveable Feast, a firm specializing in cybersecurity go-to-market, business operations, and leadership. Her ventures over the last 24 years include startups emerging from stealth, build-to-exit, build-to-grow, and rebuild-for-strength strategies. Beyond business, Jennifer has embarked on unique self-improvement journeys, applying her many lessons to leadership coaching, team building, and mentoring, for the humans behind the technology and processes that reduce cyber risk. Between consultancy, agency, and in-house work, she has supported a bevy of great companies at startup and high-growth to exit stage, and is most proud of Fortinet, Sourcefire, Flashpoint, and Claroty. Renowned for her tenacity, strategic vision, and no-nonsense approach, she also prioritizes calculated risks to disrupt the status quo and enhance diversity and inclusion in technology. She has relentlessly advocated for ethical marketing programs and the protection of security researchers, speaking on these and other topics at numerous conferences.