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Sage X3 Vulnerabilities Can Pose Serious Risk to Organizations

Researchers at cybersecurity firm Rapid7 have uncovered several vulnerabilities in the Sage X3 enterprise resource planning (ERP) product, including flaws that can be exploited remotely without authentication to take complete control of a system.

Of the four vulnerabilities identified by the researchers, one has been rated critical and the rest are medium severity. The critical flaw, tracked as CVE-2020-7388, has been described as an unauthenticated remote command execution issue.

The vulnerability is related to a remote administration service and it can be exploited using specially crafted requests to execute commands with elevated privileges.

A piece of information required to exploit this flaw can be obtained by leveraging one of the medium-severity vulnerabilities, specifically CVE-2020-7387, which is an installation pathname disclosure issue.

“When combining CVE-2020-7387 and CVE-2020-7388, an attacker can first learn the installation path of the affected software, then use that information to pass commands to the host system to be run in the SYSTEM context,” Rapid7 explained in a blog post. “This can allow an attacker to run arbitrary operating system commands to create Administrator level users, install malicious software, and otherwise take complete control of the system for any purpose.”

The two remaining flaws have been described as authenticated OS command injection and persistent cross-site scripting (XSS) issues.

The security holes were reported to the vendor in February 2021 and they were patched the next month. Customers were privately notified about the availability of patches in May.

Patched versions include Sage X3 Version 9 (Syracuse, Sage X3 HR & Payroll Version 9 (Syracuse, Sage X3 Version 11 (Syracuse, and Sage X3 Version 12 (Syracuse

Thousands of medium and large organizations around the world use Sage X3. Rapid7 cautioned that the product should not be exposed directly to the internet — a secure VPN connection should be used for remote access. However, a search for Sage X3 on the Censys search engine returns more than 1,800 results.

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