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Customer support company Zendesk discloses a 2016 data breach that appears to have impacted 10,000 accounts. [Read More]
Comodo forums have been breached and user account data may have been accessed as a result of an attack that exploited a recently disclosed vBulletin vulnerability. [Read More]
The Senate has passed the DHS Cyber Hunt and Incident Response Teams Act, which should help organizations prevent cyberattacks and respond to incidents. [Read More]
Dunkin' Donuts sued by New York's State Attorney General over data breaches that took place in 2015 and 2018. [Read More]
Beijing on Friday rejected an AFP report that Chinese hackers were suspected of being behind a series of cyber attacks on European aerospace giant Airbus. [Read More]
Airbus played down the risk of cyberattacks and said it had "appropriate measures" to mitigate any danger after an AFP investigation revealed a series of hacking incidents targeting the European aerospace giant. [Read More]
German car parts and defense firm Rheinmetall says production at its automotive plants in the US, Brazil and Mexico was disrupted as a result of a malware attack. [Read More]
A survey of 3,000 CISOs in Europe shows that while many feel burned out and have considered leaving the industry, a vast majority are 'thrilled' by their work and fully immersed. [Read More]
Wyoming-based Campbell County Memorial Hospital continues to experience service disruptions after a ransomware attack hit Campbell County Health’s computer systems on Friday. [Read More]
More than 20,000 records from eight cities across the United States have been compromised in a new wave of Click2Gov breaches. [Read More]

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Here’s a crash-course on the intelligence cycle and how you can apply and derive value from its core principles—no matter your role or security discipline:
Marc Solomon's picture
Five things you should know about incident pruning and how to apply it to improve investigations, threat hunting and incident response.
Josh Lefkowitz's picture
A use case-centric approach to threat intelligence can yield substantial benefits and is absolutely worth pursuing. It just needs to be pursued properly.
Marc Solomon's picture
Visualization holds the key for quickly understanding patterns and determining which threads to pull.
Torsten George's picture
While the urge to hack back after a data breach is very appealing, going back to the basics and applying proper cyber hygiene is a better alternative.
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No organization is fully immune to ransomware attacks, which is why having a comprehensive and well-tested incident response (IR) plan can make all the difference.
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What does the cyber kill chain have to do with Sherlock Holmes, and this quote in particular?
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While we can’t turn our attention away from gathering data, we must devise new ways to deal with the onslaught of data. Humans simply can’t keep up, and the problem is getting worse.
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Security teams have more internal system data than they know what to do with from sources including the SIEM system, log management repository, case management systems and security infrastructure. Security analysts struggle to make sense of too much data.
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Request for intelligence (RFI) services have quickly become both ubiquitous and prone to misleading claims in the threat intelligence market.