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Cloud Security

Financial terms were not released but the price tag is expected to be hefty with Exabeam’s most recent valuation pegged at $2.5 billion.

Data Breaches

Tech giant notifies millions of customers that full names and physical mailing addresses were stolen during a security incident.

Artificial Intelligence

Google rolls out new threat-intel and security operations products and looks to the magic of AI to tap into the booming cybersecurity market.

Incident Response

UnitedHealth CEO Andrew Witty said in a U.S. Senate hearing that his company is still trying to understand why the server did not have...

Incident Response

UnitedHealth Group’s CEO Andrew Witty shares details on the damaging cyberattack in testimony before a US Congress committee set for May 1, 2024.

Incident Response

Palo Alto Networks has shared remediation instructions for organizations whose firewalls have been hacked via CVE-2024-3400.