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GTA 6 Videos and Source Code Stolen in Rockstar Games Hack

The Rockstar Games hacker also claims to be behind the recent Uber breach

Video game publisher Rockstar Games appears to have suffered a data breach, with the hacker claiming to have stolen source code for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6 game.

Rockstar has officially provided little information about the upcoming GTA game. However, the hacker, who uses the online moniker ‘Tea pot’, has leaked tens of videos showing GTA 6 gameplay. The clips appear to have been recorded during game development.

The hacker also claimed to have obtained GTA 5 and GTA 6 source code and other information, and offered to sell some of it. He urged Rockstar Games to get in touch and make him an offer to prevent the information from getting to others.

The hacker suggested that the company was forced to shut down many systems as a result of the breach.

The leaked videos have been posted on many websites and Rockstar has apparently been working on getting them removed.

Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier said his sources within Rockstar confirmed that the leak is real, but said the videos are from an early stage in the game’s development.

The same hacker claims to be behind the recent Uber breach. In the case of Uber, the attacker leaked screenshots apparently showing that he gained access to cloud services, financial tools, cybersecurity products, and an Uber account on the HackerOne bug bounty platform. He said he is 18 years old and used social engineering to breach Uber systems.

Uber claimed on Friday that it had no evidence of sensitive user data getting compromised, and said all its services were operational.

Following the Uber hack, several experts said the hacker was likely doing it for fame and he allegedly told some people that the access he gained was worth much more than what Uber is offering through its bug bounty program on HackerOne.

According to its HackerOne page, Uber is offering up to $15,000, but the company allegedly also offered $100,000 through its bug bounty program to cover up the extent of the breach suffered in 2016.

Through its HackerOne bug bounty program, Rockstar Games is offering “$25,000+”.

SecurityWeek has reached out to Rockstar and will update this article if the company provides any information.

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