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Google Patches 8 Vulnerabilities in Chrome 77

Google this week announced an update for Chrome 77 that addresses 8 security vulnerabilities in the application, including 5 reported by external researchers.

The new browser update arrives only a couple of weeks after Google patched four security flaws with the release of Chrome 77.0.3865.90, including two vulnerabilities that, combined with another type of weakness, could result in a sandbox escape.

Previously, Google released Chrome 77 to the stable channel with patches for a total of 52 vulnerabilities.

The five externally reported bugs addressed this week are rated High severity and brought the reporting researchers a total of $45,000 in bug bounty rewards.

The most important of them is a use-after-free in IndexedDB, reported by Guang Gong of Alpha Team at Qihoo 360. Tracked as CVE-2019-13693, the vulnerability was awarded a $20,500 bounty.

Google also addressed a use-after-free in WebRTC, which is tracked as CVE-2019-13694 and which was reported by banananapenguin. The Internet giant has yet to provide information on the bounty amount paid for this issue.

The third vulnerability addressed this week is CVE-2019-13695, a use-after-free in an audio component that was reported by Man Yue Mo of Semmle Security Research Team and which was awarded a $15,000 bug bounty reward.

Another use-after-free issue was addressed in V8. Tracked as CVE-2019-13696, the security flaw brought Guang Gong of Qihoo 360 a $7,500 bug bounty.

The last of the externally reported flaws addressed in the new Chrome version is a cross-origin size leak tracked as CVE-2019-13697 and reported by Luan Herrera. Google paid a $2,000 bug bounty reward for this finding.

The new browser iteration is currently available for download for Windows, Mac, and Linux as Chrome 77.0.3865.120.

Overall, Google has paid over $110,000 in bug bounties to the external security researchers who reported vulnerabilities patched in Chrome 77.

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