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UK authorities have arrested two individuals for allegedly using a homemade mobile antenna to send mass text messages.

Tracking & Law Enforcement

A multinational operation by Interpol and the FBI cracked down on attempts in Moldova to sabotage one of the international police agency’s key tools,...

Identities of Cybercriminals Linked to Malware Loaders Revealed

Malware & Threats

Law enforcement reveals the identities of eight cybercriminals linked to recently disrupted malware loaders.

TrickBot and Other Malware Droppers Disrupted by Law Enforcement

Malware & Threats

The TrickBot botnet and other malware droppers have been targeted by international law enforcement in Operation Endgame.

Malware & Threats

The US announced that the 911 S5 (Cloud Router) botnet, likely the world’s largest, has been dismantled and its administrator arrested.

US Sanctions Three Chinese Men for Operating 911 S5 Botnet


The US government has announced sanctions against three Chinese nationals accused of creating and operating the 911 S5 proxy botnet.