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Tracking & Law Enforcement

Egyptian opposition politician Ahmed Altantawy was targeted with spyware after announcing a presidential bid, security researchers reported


Finnish authorities have seized the drugs marketplace Piilopuoti, which has been operating on the Tor network since May 2022.

Extradited Russian Hacker Behind ‘NLBrute’ Malware Pleads Guilty


Russian hacker Dariy Pankov has pleaded guilty to computer fraud and now faces a maximum penalty of five years in federal prison.


Vladislav Klyushin was sentenced to nine years in prison for his role in a nearly $100M stock market cheating scheme that relied on information...

Malware & Threats

Industry professionals comment on the law enforcement operation targeting the Qakbot botnet and its implications.

FBI Finds 1,580 Bitcoin in Crypto Wallets Linked to North Korean Hackers 


The FBI has published information on six crypto wallets in which North Korean hackers moved roughly 1,580 Bitcoin from various heists.