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Tracking & Law Enforcement

Leaked documents show how Chinese authorities surveil dissidents overseas, hack other nations and promote pro-Beijing narratives online.


The US is offering big rewards for information on LockBit cybercriminals as law enforcement claims to have identified some individuals.


The LockBit ransomware operation has been severely disrupted by an international law enforcement operation resulting in server seizures and arrests.

Ukrainian Raccoon Infostealer Operator Extradited to US

Malware & Threats

Alleged Raccoon Infostealer operator Mark Sokolovsky is awaiting trial in the US, after being extradited from the Netherlands.

US Offers $10 Million for Information on BlackCat Ransomware Leaders


The US announces a $10 million reward for information on key members of the Alphv/BlackCat ransomware group.


Warzone RAT dismantled in international law enforcement operation that also involved arrests of suspects in Malta and Nigeria.