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Malware & Threats

Cybersecurity news that you may have missed this week: the spyware used by various governments, new vulnerabilities, industrial security products, and Linux router attacks.


The US is offering a $10 million reward for information on a Russian man accused of launching ransomware attacks on critical infrastructure.

Spain Arrests Hackers in Crackdown on Major Criminal Organization


Spanish authorities have announced the arrest of 40 individuals for their roles in a group involved in bank fraud, identity theft, and money laundering.


Joseph James O'Connor pleaded guilty for his role in schemes to hack the Twitter accounts of celebrities like Barack Obama and Elon Musk.


The US government has announced the disruption of Snake, a sophisticated cyberespionage malware officially attributed to a unit of Russia’s FSB agency.

US Seizes Domains of 13 DDoS-for-Hire Services


US authorities have seized 13 internet domains associated with DDoS-for-hire services.