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Artificial Intelligence

The Bank of England will make an assessment next year about the risks posed by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Risk Management

Cybersecurity predictions for 2024 to help security professionals in prioritizing efforts to navigate the ever-changing threat landscape.

Risk Management

When too much subjectivity is mixed into risk assessment, it can produce a risk picture that is not an accurate representation of reality. 

Risk Management

It's crucial to thoroughly assess the risk profiles of various SSE platforms and weigh their suitability against their organization's risk tolerance before adopting SSE.

Risk Management

The Cybersecurity Resilience Quotient empowers organizations to assess their security posture comprehensively, considering asset exposure, vulnerabilities, and criticality alongside process and network architecture and...

GitHub Improves Secret Scanning Feature With Expanded Token Validity Checks

Cloud Security

GitHub beefs up its secret scanning feature, now allowing users to check the validity of exposed credentials for major cloud services.

Rust Gets a Dedicated Security Team

Application Security

The non-profit Rust Foundation has scored funding to build a dedicated security team to proactively identify and address security defects in the popular Rust...