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Management & Strategy

Just as a professional football team needs coordination, strategy and adaptability to secure a win on the field, a well-rounded cybersecurity strategy must address...

Cybersecurity Funding

Israeli startup Cypago raises $13 million in funding and launches a governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) automation platform.

Lawmaker Wants Federal Contractors to Have Vulnerability Disclosure Policies 

Management & Strategy

Congresswoman Nancy Mace has introduced a bill that would require federal contractors to have a Vulnerability Disclosure Policy (VDP).

Cloud Security

Cloud security specialist Qualys has provided its view of the top five cloud security risks, drawing insights and data from its own platform and...

Endpoint Security

The need for cyber resilience arises from the growing realization that traditional security measures are no longer enough to protect systems, data, and the...

Submarine Cables at Risk of Nation-State Sabotage, Spying: Report

Malware & Threats

Recorded Future underlines threats to submarine telecommunication cables, such as the risk of intentional sabotage and spying by nation-state threat actors.