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IoT Security

A recently patched Vision Pro vulnerability was classified by Apple as a DoS issue, but a researcher has shown that it’s ‘scary’.

IoT Security

Apple has released a visionOS update that patches CVE-2024-27812, which may be the first flaw specific to the VR headset.

Dangerous Liaisons: The Interaction Between Threat Actors and High-Risk Devices

IoT Security

Forescout's 2024 analysis of the riskiest devices highlights vulnerabilities and threat actor interactions across IT, IoT, OT, and IoMT.

Cybersecurity Labeling for Smart Devices Aims to Help People Choose Items Less Likely to be Hacked

IoT Security

Under the new U.S. Cyber Trust Mark Initiative, manufacturers can affix the label on their products if they meet federal cybersecurity standards.

IoT Security

MITRE announced the public availability of the EMB3D threat model for embedded devices used in critical infrastructure.

From Warnings to Action: Preparing America’s Infrastructure for Imminent Cyber Threats


As cyber threats grow more sophisticated, America cannot afford complacency. The time for decisive action and enhanced cyber resilience is now.