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Cloud Security

Intel announces general availability of attestation service that is part of Trust Authority, a new portfolio of security software and services.

Application Security

The cash-and-stock transaction provides capabilities for CrowdStrike to beef up its enterprise cloud security portfolio.

Artificial Intelligence

Exposed data includes backup of employees workstations, secrets, private keys, passwords, and over 30,000 internal Microsoft Teams messages.

Kubernetes Vulnerability Leads to Remote Code Execution

Cloud Security

A high-severity vulnerability can be exploited to execute code remotely on any Windows endpoint within a Kubernetes cluster.

Azure HDInsight Flaws Allowed Data Access, Session Hijacking, Payload Delivery

Cloud Security

Orca Security details eight XSS vulnerabilities in Azure HDInsight that could lead to information leaks, session hijacking, and payload delivery.

AuthMind Scores $8.5M Seed Funding for ITDR Tech

Cloud Security

Maryland startup scores $8.5 million in seed-stage funding to compete in the Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) category.