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Cloud Security

Financial terms were not released but the price tag is expected to be hefty with Exabeam’s most recent valuation pegged at $2.5 billion.

Cloud Security

Cloud security giant Wiz has raised $1 billion, which brings the total funding to $1.9 billion, at a valuation of $12 billion.

Artificial Intelligence

Google rolls out new threat-intel and security operations products and looks to the magic of AI to tap into the booming cybersecurity market.

CISO Strategy

Microsoft security chief Charlie Bell pledges significant reforms and a strategic shift to prioritize security above all other product features.

LayerX Raises $26 Million for Browser Security Platform

Cloud Security

Israeli startup LayerX Security banks $25 million in new financing as investors continue to pour money into secure web browsing technologies.

Startup Dealflow: New Investments at Resonance, RunReveal, StepSecurity, Insane Cyber

Cloud Security

Cybersecurity startups Insane Cyber, Resonance Security, RunReveal and StepSecurity announce pre-seed, early-stage, and seed funding rounds.