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Silent Circle Unveils New Bundled Secure Communications Plans

Silent Circle, a startup providing private encrypted communications solutions, on Monday announced new bundled service offerings for its secure communications platform.

Silent Circle, a startup providing private encrypted communications solutions, on Monday announced new bundled service offerings for its secure communications platform.

“As demand for our service increases daily, we have updated our service offerings with new bundle options to accommodate customers’ secure communications priorities – offering easy to use apps that enable peer-to-peer encrypted calling, messaging and file transfer on employees’ smartphones and tablets,” said Silent Circle Chief Revenue Officer Spencer Snedecor.

Silent Circle’s suite of encrypted apps and services include:

Silent Phone for secure mobile voice and video calls.

Silent Text for encrypted mobile messaging with attachments up to 100MB and “Burn Notice” auto-delete feature.

Silent Phone for Desktop – Provides encrypted voice and videoconferencing on Windows PCs.

Options in Silent Circle’s service bundles include Out-Circle Access, which lets Silent Phone users place calls to conventional (non-Silent Circle phone numbers) and the Silent Circle Management Console, a secure Web portal letting customers rapidly purchase, organize and disseminate Silent Circle’s apps for employees’ devices.

Just last week, the company announced the availability of an Android version of its Silent Text secure messaging and file transfer app. 

The new bundles include:

Silent Circle Mobile: Silent Phone and Silent Text for $9.95/month or $99.95/year, per subscriber, with an option for Out-Circle Access for an additional $23.95/month or $249.95/year, per subscriber.

Silent Circle Enterprise:

• Silent Circle Mobile with Silent Circle Management Console for $139.95/year, per subscriber

• Optional Out-Circle Access for an additional $249.95/year, per subscriber

• Optional Silent Circle Desktop for an additional $69.95/year, per subscriber

Silent Circle Desktop (for business and personal use) – Silent Phone for Desktop for Windows PCs for $69.95/year

“Greater awareness of privacy threats and business losses linked to global surveillance is prompting more organizations to pull back from vulnerable communications mediums and seek alternatives that are inherently more secure, enterprise-ready and flexible enough to cover corporate and employee-owned devices,” said Silent Circle Chief Revenue Officer Spencer Snedecor.

Last month, Silent Circle made headlines after it decided to shut down Silent Mail, an encrypted email service that it offered. The decision was a preemptive move to prevent government spying, the company said. While the company said that it had not received subpoenas, warrants, security letters, or anything else by any government, the company wanted to be proactive and decided to shut down Silent Mail.

With the goal of revolutionizing privacy and mobile security, the company was co-founded by former Navy SEAL sniper Mike Janke, and PGP creator Phil Zimmermann, and has created an advanced platform for encrypted text, e-mail, mobile phone and video teleconferencing services through a secure, proprietary network and set of applications.

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