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BetterHelp customers have started receiving refund notices from a $7.8 million data privacy settlement, the FTC says.


Incognito modes generally do not prevent the websites you visit from seeing your location, via your IP address, or stop your internet service provider...

White House Issues Executive Order on International Data Protection


A coming White House Executive Order seeks to protect personal information by preventing the mass transfer of Americans' sensitive data to countries of concern.

FTC Accuses Avast of Selling Customer Browsing Data to Advertisers

Data Protection

European security vendor Avast is charged with harvesting consumer web browsing data through its browser extension and anti-virus software and “and sold it without...


Civil rights groups called on an EU watchdog to rule against Facebook owner Meta's scheme to let Europeans pay to opt out of data...

At Least 30 Journalists, Lawyers and Activists Hacked With Pegasus in Jordan, Forensic Probe Finds

Mobile & Wireless

Pegasus spyware from NSO Group was used in Jordan to hack the cellphones of journalists, lawyers, human rights and political activists.