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SAP Releases 10 Security Notes on July 2020 Patch Day

SAP released eight new Security Notes on its July 2020 Patch Day, but also included two updates to previous Patch Day Security Notes.

The most important of the Notes addresses multiple vulnerabilities in NetWeaver AS JAVA (LM Configuration Wizard). Rated Hot News priority (CVSS score of 10), the Note patches CVE-2020-6287 and CVE-2020-6286, two vulnerabilities that could allow attackers to take over vulnerable systems.

The most severe of these is CVE-2020-6287, which is also referred to as RECON (Remotely Exploitable Code On NetWeaver). Security researchers estimate there are approximately 2,500 vulnerable systems accessible directly from the Internet and that over 40,000 SAP customers are affected.

Another Hot News Security Note included in this month’s Patch Day is an update to an April 2018 Patch Day Note, which includes patches for the Chromium browser in SAP Business Client.

Another important patch released this month addresses an information disclosure issue (CVE-2020-6285) in NetWeaver (XMLToolkit for Java). Successful exploitation of the bug could result in attackers accessing restricted arbitrary files.

Next on the list is a medium-priority Note that patches five vulnerabilities in Disclosure Management (CVE-2020-6267, CVE-2020-6289, CVE-2020-6290, CVE-2020-6291, and CVE-2020-6292).

The other Notes address cross-site scripting (XSS) flaws in Business Objects Business Intelligence Platform (CVE-2020-6281, CVE-2020-6276, and CVE-2020-6278), a server-side request forgery in NetWeaver AS JAVA (CVE-2020-6282), and information disclosure in NetWeaver (CVE-2020-6280).

SAP also released an update to a Note addressing another XSS vulnerability (CVE-2020-6222) in the BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform.

Onapsis, a company that specializes in securing Oracle and SAP applications, points out that 10 other SAP Security Notes could be added to this month’s list, for a total of 20 notes.

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