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SAP Patches Critical Vulnerability in Hybris Commerce

SAP this week released its December 2018 set of security updates to address a dozen vulnerabilities in its products, including a Critical flaw in Hybris Commerce. 

A total of 12 Patch Day Security Notes were included in the December 2018 Security Patch Day: two rated Hot News, three High Priority, six Medium Priority, and one Low Priority. Three of the security notes were updates to previously released notes.

With the notes that have been published after the second Tuesday of last month and before the second Tuesday of this month, the new Security Patch Day includes a total of 17 security notes (9 SAP Patch Day Notes and 8 Support Package Notes)

The most important of the Security Notes was an update to a note released on April 2018 Patch day. With a CVSS score of 9.8, the Hot News note impacts the browser control Chromium delivered with SAP Business Client. 

Also tagged Hot News and featuring a CVSS score of 9.3, the second note addresses a Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability (CVE-2018-2505) in Hybris Commerce that could allow an attacker to inject a malicious script into a page. 

To exploit the bug, an attacker must trick the user into clicking a specially crafted link, ERPScan, a company that focuses on securing SAP and Oracle applications, says

The malicious script is permanently stored in the page body and does not require user interaction to access cookies, session tokens and other critical information stored in the user’s browser. The attacker can learn business-critical information and may also gain control over it. 

The first of the three High Priority notes addresses a missing Authorization check in SAP Customizing Tools (CVE-2018-2475, CVSS score of 8.3). According to Onapsis, another company that secures Oracle and SAP products, the security note fixes three vulnerabilities that impact both Netweaver ABAP and S4/HANA systems. 

“The reason this vulnerability is critical is because an attacker who has only network access to SAP servers and regular user credentials may perform system customizations that are usually reserved for SAP BASIS administrators. This vulnerability allows an attacker to remotely manage certain types of RFC connections,” Onapsis explains

Impacting NetWeaver, the remaining two High Priority notes fix wrong default authorizations in AS Java keystore service (CVE-2018-2503, CVSS score of 7.4) and missing XML Validation in NetWeaver AS Java (CVE-2018-2492, CVSS score of 7.1). 

This month, SAP also patched: XSS bug in NetWeaver AS Java (CVE-2018-2504), XSS in Marketing Content Studio (CVE-2018-2486), insecure HTTP Method Enabled in Business One Service Layer (CVE-2018-2502), Information Disclosure in Mobile Secure Android client (CVE-2018-2500), and event not logged in HANA database audit log (CVE-2018-2497).

Two updates for previous released notes address a missing input validation in ABAP Change and Transport System (CVE-2018-2441), and an XSS protection in ABAP HTTP logon application. 

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