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SAP Patches Critical Vulnerabilities in BusinessObjects, SAPUI5

German software maker SAP announced the release of nine new security notes on its November 2022 Security Patch Day, including two notes addressing critical bugs in BusinessObjects and SAPUI5.

There were also updates to two previously released notes. Three other security notes were released between the second Tuesday of October and the second Tuesday of November.

Three of this month’s security notes are marked ‘hot news’, which represents the highest severity rating in SAP’s books.

The first of them deals with CVE-2022-41203, a critical-severity insecure deserialization of untrusted data in the BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform (CVSS score of 9.9).

Because of this issue, an unauthenticated attacker with low privileges could replace a serialized object in BusinessObjects parameters with a malicious one.

“As the deserialization process did not contain any verification of the processed data, this could highly compromise the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the system. The only reason why this vulnerability is not tagged with the maximum CVSS score of 10 is because it requires the attacker to have a minimum set of privileges in order to exploit it,” enterprise software security firm Onapsis explains.

The second hot news security note released on SAP’s November 2022 Security Patch Day addresses two flaws in the SQLite library included in the SAPUI5 framework.

The first of the bugs, CVE-2021-20223 (CVSS score 9.8), exists because SQLite would treat null characters as tokens. A remote attacker with minimal privileges could exploit this to target applications using SAPUI5.

Tracked as CVE-2022-35737 (CVSS score of 7.5), the second issue “allows an array-bound overflow if billions of bytes are used in a string argument to a C API.”

SAP also updated a hot news security note released in October, addressing an account hijacking issue in Commerce (CVSS score of 9.6).

Between the second Tuesday of October and the second Tuesday of November, SAP also updated a hot news note that provides the latest updates for the Chromium-based browser in Business Client, delivering a total of 75 patches, including two for critical-severity vulnerabilities.

This week, SAP also announced three ‘high priority’ security notes, including two new notes dealing with vulnerabilities in NetWeaver and 3D Visual Enterprise, and an update to a July 2022 security note addressing a privilege escalation bug in SuccessFactors attachment API for Android and iOS.

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