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RSA Conference 2020: Product Announcement Summary (Day 2)

RSA Conference 2020 Announcements

RSA Conference 2020 Announcements

RSA Conference 2020 takes place this week in San Francisco, with nearly 700 exhibitors and more than 40,000 attendees expected.

As the industry’s largest conference, many security vendors leverage the event to launch new products and announce updates and enhancements to their offerings.

To help cut through the clutter, the SecurityWeek team will publish a daily digest summarizing some of the product and service announcements made throughout the week. 

Coverage: Day 2 | Day 1

Innovation Sandbox Winner – Privacy compliance solutions provider won the title of ‘Most Innovative Startup’ on Monday at the RSA Conference 2020 Innovation Sandbox contest that took place on Monday.

Bishop Fox announced the launch of its Continuous Attack Surface Testing (CAST) managed security service. New new offering is a subscription-based service that continuously identifies potential weakness on the perimeter and passes that information to expert penetration testers who can then  deliver fully validated, actionable results on the high-risk and critical vulnerabilities that pose the biggest threat to an organization.

Imperva announced Advanced Bot Protection, a new solution that fully integrates its bot management technology into the Imperva Cloud Application Security solution. The solution delivers bot protection in a single stack model and protects websites, mobile apps, and APIs from automated threats – including web scraping, account takeover, transaction fraud, denial of service, competitive data mining, unauthorized vulnerability scans, spam, click fraud, and web and mobile API abuse.

Code42, a provider of insider threat management tools, announced updates to its cloud data security solution to help security teams closely monitor, detect and investigate data threats caused by high-risk employees. 

VMware announced the launch of the VMware Advanced Security for Cloud Foundation, which will enable customers to replace legacy security solutions. The VMware Advanced Security for Cloud Foundation includes Carbon Black technology, the NSX Advanced Load Balancer with WAF capabilities, and the NSX Distributed IDS/IPS. VMware also announced enhancements to Carbon Black Cloud, including automated correlation with the MITRE ATT&CK framework, integration with Microsoft Windows Anti-Malware Scanning Interface (AMSI), and new malware prevention capabilities for Linux devices. Finally, VMware announced new Secure State auto-remediation capabilities to automate actions across cloud environments and reduce risk.

Proofpoint launched solutions designed to protect organizations against BEC and EAC attacks by leveraging the company’s secure email gateway, threat protection and response, email authentication, awareness training, and cloud account protection. The company also announced improvements to its Cloud App Security Broker (CASB) solution, including automated detection and remediation for malicious apps, expanded suspicious file activity detection for Office 365, risk-based access enhancements, increased shadow IT visibility, and enhanced real-time data loss prevention. 

Exabeam unveiled the Exabeam Cloud Platform, which extends the company’s SIEM solution with new capabilities, such as UEBA and object-centric workspaces, as well as cloud storage, data graphing and integrations with 250 products. Exabeam announced that its Threat Intelligence Service and Cloud Archive applications will be available in Cloud Platform through the company’s application marketplace, which in the future will include applications from other vendors as well. Exabeam also introduced Cloud Studio on Cloud Platform, a tool that allows engineers to quickly develop content needed for new use cases.

Valimail announced the general availability of Valimail DMARC Monitor, a free, cloud-based tool that gives domain owners full visibility into the services sending email from their domains. Valimail DMARC Monitor provides a dashboard that supplies a list of email-sending services, information on each service (e.g. how many emails it sends, if it’s authenticating successfully), and a visual map showing the geographic origin of legitimate and suspicious emails. An early version of the DMARC Monitor was offered to Office 365 users and it has already been used by over 10,000 domain owners.

CrowdStrike announced the availability of new features on the Falcon platform for all partners looking to build security applications and services to customers. A new CrowdStrike Developer Portal provides technology alliance partners, CrowdStrike Store partners, and developers, with documentation, use cases, and tutorials, to encourage the building of new Store apps and integrations. For Managed Security System Providers (MSSPs), the Falcon platform offers improved protection across operating systems, with little or no maintenance.

The security company also introduced Falcon Spotlight App for Security Operations, which enables the integration of real-time endpoint vulnerability data from Falcon Spotlight into the ServiceNow Vulnerability Response solution, in an effort to streamline the management, prioritization and remediation of vulnerabilities.

FireMon announced expanded capabilities for API integrations of its security policy management solution with ServiceNow, Cisco ACI and Swimlane to help customers improve network security visibility, control, and efficiency. The FireMon API provides security teams the ability to change management workflows, increase visibility across tools and infrastructures, and maximize resources. Yesterday the company announced new integrations with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

CybelAngel announced a strengthened digital risk management SaaS platform, with data leak detection and remediation capabilities, to help customers avoid fraud, ransomware attacks, compliance breaches, economic espionage and loss of reputation. The solution provides comprehensive perimeter scanning in real time, allowing enterprises to monitor connected storage, cloud applications, open databases, domain name servers, the public web, and the Dark Web.  

BlackBerry revealed enhancements to the endpoint protection platform (EPP) and endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities of the Spark platform, with the release of CylanceOPTICS v2.4. The updated solution aims to deliver faster incident response via improved registry introspection, DNS visibility, Windows logon event visibility, RFC1918 address space visibility, and enhanced WMI and PowerShell introspection via Windows API. BlackBerry also introduced feature and functionality parity across Windows, Mac, and Linux distributions such as RHEL, Ubuntu, CentOS and SUSE; partial device lockdown capabilities, and remote response.

Keysight Technologies announced Breach Defense, a SecOps platform designed to improve operational security effectiveness. The platform includes the Threat Simulator breach and attack simulation solution, which enables network and SecOps teams to measure the effectiveness of operational security by simulating attacks and exploits on their networks. It also includes ThreatARMOR, a threat intelligence gateway.

NSS Labs launched a new ratings system for cybersecurity products. The ratings range from AAA, which is the highest overall rating, to D. Products rated BB, B, CCC, CC or C have significant risk characteristics, with BB indicating the least degree of risk and C the highest. The rating is calculated based on management, false positives, resistance to evasion, total cost of ownership, and block rate.

ReliaQuest launched Verify, a continuous attack simulation designed to run across on premise and multi-cloud environments. Verify provides cyber assurance, integrates across a wide range of security controls, enabling proactive improvement of security programs while avoiding the pitfalls that characterize other attack simulation methods.

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