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nCircle Launches New Cloud-Based Enterprise Scanning Solution

nCircle, a provider of information risk and security solutions, today announced PureCloud™ Enterprise, a new scanning solution designed to help enterprises address the common gaps in security visibility.

PureCloud Enterprise enables scan results to be integrated into the nCircle Suite360 Intelligence Hub™ to provide users with a single view of security risk, consolidated reporting and analytics.

The company says its cloud-based scanning engine can scan an entire network, including systems behind an enterprise firewall, without installing complicated and, often expensive, vulnerability scanners.

With pricing starting at $2,147, the company says its new PureCloud Enterprise offering is well suited for deployments including:

• Branch office scans for locations where hardware installation is impractical, or site-to-site VPN bandwidth is limited or unavailable.

• Monitoring the security risks associated with sharing business information with business associates.

• Assessing the state of IT security and onboarding costs for merger and acquisition targets.

• Network perimeter scans of all Internet-facing systems.

“According to our research, at least 70% of the enterprise workforce operates from remote and branch offices, and we expect that percentage to continue to climb,” said Peter Christy, founder, Internet Research Group. “Clearly, a comprehensive security solution must be flexible enough to address remote locations, branch offices and supply chain partners. PureCloud Enterprise effectively addresses the requirements for this market.”

As the Extended Enterprise often puts business data at risk as sensitive information is exchanged between business partners, PureCloud Enterprise helps continuously monitor business associate security risks.

“With a low deployment cost and zero-footprint installation, PureCloud Enterprise dramatically increases visibility into third party security risks that may affect key enterprise security initiatives including protection of intellectual property and controlled access to sensitive business information and customer data,” the company said in statement.

In June of this year, nCircle expanded its coverage for the SCADA systems and devices that manage and control critical infrastructure to help companies operating in the space automate time-consuming manual audit tasks, reduce security risk and achieve compliance with the regulatory standards.

Earlier this year the company announced the “Patch Priority Index”, a free and publicly available list of vulnerabilities compiled by nCircle’s Vulnerability and Exposure Research Team (VERT) using a range of unique sources with security experts reviewing a variety of criteria and selecting the most severe issues that can be patched in a given month as candidates for the list.

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