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Israel Says Hackers Targeted SCADA Systems at Water Facilities

The Israeli government has issued an alert to organizations in the water sector following a series of cyberattacks aimed at water facilities.

According to an alert published by Israel’s National Cyber Directorate, the attacks targeted supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems at wastewater treatment plants, pumping stations and sewage facilities.

Organizations in the water and energy sectors have been advised to immediately change the passwords of internet-accessible control systems, reduce internet exposure, and ensure that all control system software is up to date.

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According to Israeli media reports, the attacks were launched on Friday and Saturday and they targeted facilities across the country.

Representatives of Israel’s Water Authority claimed the attacks did not cause any operational damage. Organizations have been advised to immediately report incidents that result in disruption.

Hackers targeting water utilities, including in the United States, is not unheard of, and experts have issued warnings that internet-exposed industrial control systems (ICS) often leave such facilities at risk of attacks.


SCADA system at water facility

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