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Data Security Firm Cyera Attracts $100M Investment

Cyera closes a massive $100 million round as investors continue to pour cash into the data security posture management (DSPM) space.

Sequoia-backed cybersecurity startup Cyera on Tuesday announced a massive $100 million funding round as investors continue to pour cash into companies in the data security posture management (DSPM) space.

Cyera, a company with roots in Israel, said the Series B round was led by Accel.  Sequoia, Cyberstarts and Redpoint Ventures also took equity stakes.

Since coming out of stealth in March 2022, Cyera has raised a total of $160 million to build and market a data security product to help organizations find and protect cloud data stores.

Venture capital investors have pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into the DSPM category, betting there’s a massive market in providing technology to help businesses discover and classify attack paths to sensitive data stored in AWS, Azure or GCP.

Cyera is among a growing list of well-capitalized early stage DSPM startups that include Normalyze ($26.6 million raised), Symmetry Systems ($15 million raised), Veza ($110 million raised), Laminar ($30 million), ($81 million) and Dig Security ($11 million).

Cyera said its AI-powered data security platform runs across SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS environments and helps corporate defenders to understand where their data is, who can access it, how it is secured and managed, and the exposures that increase their risk across domains and platforms.  

Running out-of-band and without agents, Cyera says its platform can be connected to a company’s cloud footprint in minutes and map all datastores in the cloud, providing security teams with visibility into places they may not have been able to see before. 

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Ryan Naraine is Editor-at-Large at SecurityWeek and host of the popular Security Conversations podcast series. He is a security community engagement expert who has built programs at major global brands, including Intel Corp., Bishop Fox and GReAT. Ryan is a founding-director of the Security Tinkerers non-profit, an advisor to early-stage entrepreneurs, and a regular speaker at security conferences around the world.

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