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Cylance Adds AWS Support to CylancePROTECT

Threat prevention provider Cylance this week announced support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) in its CylancePROTECT threat prevention solution.

Using artificial intelligence to detect and prevent cyber-threats from executing, Cylance’s integrated security solution aims to protect not only devices and networks, but also applications running on cloud services infrastructure, courtesy of the newly added support for AWS Linux.

The company also says its artificial intelligence techniques now further extend to the AI-powered endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution CylanceOPTICS, aiming to deliver insight and threat hunting capabilities.

The security company aims to stop the pre-execution of both known and unknown malware. Cylance, which says has already stopped tens of millions of attacks, claims to be able to prevent cyber-attacks in milliseconds, including email attachments and zero-days.

The same lightweight agent supports Windows, Mac and Linux for streamlined management from the cloud. To simplify cloud security, Cylance uses a small-footprint agent that doesn’t require configuration or signature-updates.

While 90% of organizations are expected to adopt cloud hybrid strategies by 2020, many will face the challenge of using existing security resources to protect against cyber-attacks across multiple environments, and Cylance aims to help them fill the gap.

“By approaching security with sophisticated machine learning techniques and offering scalable threat detection, response, root cause analysis, and threat hunting, Cylance helps prevent data breaches that impact the security of an organization’s data in the cloud,” Stuart McClure, founder and chief executive at Cylance, said.

Earlier this month, BlackBerry announced that it agreed to acquire Cylance for $1.4 billion in cash. In June, the security company had closed a $120 million funding round.

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