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Chrome 77 Released with 52 Security Fixes

Google this week released Chrome 77 in the stable channel with various fixes and improvements, including 52 security patches.

Thirty-six of all security fixes are for vulnerabilities reported by external researchers. These include one Critical bug, eight High severity issues, 17 Medium risk flaws, and 10 Low severity vulnerabilities.

The most important of the patches addresses a Critical use-after-free vulnerability in the media component. Tracked as CVE-2019-5870, the bug was reported by Guang Gong of the Alpha Team at Qihoo 360 on August 29. Google has yet to reveal information on the reward paid for the finding.

The first of the High severity bugs patched in Chrome 77 is a heap overflow in Skia (CVE-2019-5871), for which Google paid a $7,500 reward to the reporting researcher.

Google also addressed a use-after-free in Mojo (CVE-2019-5872), URL bar spoofing on iOS (CVE-2019-5873), and an issue with external URIs triggering other browsers (CVE-2019-5874), and awarded $3,000 in bug bounties for each of them.

Another High risk issue was a URL bar spoof via download redirect (CVE-2019-5875), for which Google paid a $2,000 bounty.

The Internet giant has yet to provide information on the bounty rewards paid for the last three High severity vulnerabilities reported by external researchers. These include use-after-free in media (CVE-2019-5876), out-of-bounds access in V8 (CVE-2019-5877), and use-after-free in V8 (CVE-2019-5878).

Medium severity bugs addressed with this release include extensions being able to bypass same origin policy, SameSite cookie bypass, arbitrary read in SwiftShader, URL spoof, full screen notification overlap, full screen notification spoof, CSP bypass, IDN spoof, and CSRF bypass.

Other Medium risk issues include multiple file download protection bypass issues, a side channel using storage size estimate, URI bar spoof when using external app URIs, global window leak via console, HTTP authentication spoof, V8 memory corruption in regex, dialog box failing to show origin, and cross-origin information leak using devtools.

The Low severity bugs fixed in Chrome 77 have been described as IDN spoofing, extensions being disabled by trailing slash, Google URI shown for certificate warning, Chrome web store origin requiring isolation, download dialog spoofing, user gesture needed for printing, IP address spoofing to servers, bypass on download restrictions, site isolation bypass, and exceptions leaked by devtools.

To date, Google paid a total of over $33,000 in bug bounties to the researchers who reported the bugs addressed in Chrome 77. However, the search giant has yet to provide information on the rewards paid for over a dozen vulnerabilities.

The latest Chrome iteration is available for download for Windows, Mac and Linux as version 77.0.3865.75.

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