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KeePass 2.54 patches a vulnerability allowing attackers to retrieve the cleartext master password from a memory dump.


Google has released a Chrome 114 security update that patches CVE-2023-3079, the third zero-day vulnerability patched in the browser in 2023.

Zyxel Urges Customers to Patch Firewalls Against Exploited Vulnerabilities

Network Security

Zyxel urges customers to update ATP, USG Flex, VPN, and ZyWALL/USG firewalls to prevent exploitation of recent vulnerabilities.

Gigabyte Rolls Out BIOS Updates to Remove Backdoor From Motherboards

Endpoint Security

Gigabyte has announced BIOS updates that remove a recently identified backdoor feature in hundreds of its motherboards.

Supply Chain Security

If after eighteen months, meaningful use of SBOMs is unachievable, we need to ask what needs to be done to fulfill Biden’s executive order.

Malware & Threats

Cybersecurity news that you may have missed this week: the spyware used by various governments, new vulnerabilities, industrial security products, and Linux router attacks.