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Artificial Intelligence

Exposed data includes backup of employees workstations, secrets, private keys, passwords, and over 30,000 internal Microsoft Teams messages.

Supply Chain Security

Join Microsoft and Finite State for a webinar that will introduce a new strategy for securing the software supply chain.

New ‘Carderbee’ APT Targeted Chinese Security Software in Supply Chain Attack

Malware & Threats

A new APT group called Carderbee has been observed deploying the PlugX backdoor via a supply chain attack targeting organizations in Hong Kong.

Application Security

Google sprinkles magic of generative-AI into its open source fuzz testing infrastructure and finds immediate success with code coverage.

CISA Calls Urgent Attention to UEFI Attack Surfaces


The US government's cybersecurity agency describes UEFI as "critical attack surface" that requires urgent security attention.

Software Supply Chain Startup Endor Labs Scores Massive $70M Series A Round


Endor Labs has closed a massive $70 million Series A round of financing to fuel ambitious plans to build a dependency lifecycle management platform.