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Supply Chain Security

Supply chain security insights: A successful attack against a supplier can lead to multiple opportunities against the supplier’s downstream customers.

Supply Chain Security

AnyDesk is revoking certificates and passwords in response to a significant security breach impacting production systems.

New Offerings From Protect AI, Venafi Tackle Software Supply Chain Security

Supply Chain Security

Two new products aim to secure the traditional OSS supply chain, and the new AI model software supply chain.

Software Supply Chain Security Startup Kusari Raises $8 Million 

Cybersecurity Funding

Kusari has raised $8 million to help organizations gain visibility into and secure their software supply chain.

Remotely Exploitable ‘PixieFail’ Flaws Found in Tianocore EDK II PXE Implementation

Network Security

Quarkslab finds serious, remotely exploitable vulnerabilities in EDK II, the de-facto open source reference implementation of the UEFI spec.

Application Security

Researchers detail a CI/CD attack leading to PyTorch releases compromise via GitHub Actions self-hosted runners.