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Noteworthy stories that might have slipped under the radar: Chinese repair ships might be spying on undersea communications, spyware found at hotel check-ins, UK...


Unfading Sea Haze has been targeting military and government entities in South China Sea countries since 2018.

Cloud Security

Google is invoking the 'monoculture' word in response to a scathing U.S. government report on Microsoft's inadequate cybersecurity practices.


MITRE has shared more details on the recent hack, including the new malware involved in the attack and a timeline of the attacker’s activities.

Iranian Cyberspies Hit Targets With New Backdoors


Iranian state-sponsored group APT42 is targeting NGOs, government, and intergovernmental organizations with two new backdoors.

Email Security

The US government warns of a North Korean threat actor abusing weak email DMARC settings to hide spear-phishing attacks.