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Noteworthy stories that might have slipped under the radar: Chinese repair ships might be spying on undersea communications, spyware found at hotel check-ins, UK...


Unfading Sea Haze has been targeting military and government entities in South China Sea countries since 2018.

Cloud Security

Google is invoking the 'monoculture' word in response to a scathing U.S. government report on Microsoft's inadequate cybersecurity practices.


MITRE has shared more details on the recent hack, including the new malware involved in the attack and a timeline of the attacker’s activities.

Iranian Cyberspies Hit Targets With New Backdoors


Iranian state-sponsored group APT42 is targeting NGOs, government, and intergovernmental organizations with two new backdoors.

Email Security

The US government warns of a North Korean threat actor abusing weak email DMARC settings to hide spear-phishing attacks.

What is Cyberwar? What is Cyberwar?


Ask any three people to define cyberwar and you will get three different answers. But as global geopolitics worsen and aggressive cyberattacks increase, this...