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Malware & Threats

Russia-linked APT28 deploys the GooseEgg post-exploitation tool against numerous US and European organizations.

Malware & Threats

Shadowserver has identified roughly 6,000 internet-accessible Palo Alto Networks firewalls potentially vulnerable to CVE-2024-3400.

Threat-Intelligence Startup VulnCheck Closes $8M Seed Financing


VulnCheck banks $8 million in early stage capital to build 'exploit intelligence' technologies and services.

Malware & Threats

Noteworthy stories that might have slipped under the radar: OpenSSF and OpenJS incidents similar to XZ backdoor, Moldovan botnet operator charged, US automotive company...

Malware & Threats

Microsoft warns that several OpenMetadata vulnerabilities are being exploited to deploy cryptomining malware to Kubernetes environments.

Kapeka: A New Backdoor in Sandworm’s Arsenal of Aggression

Malware & Threats

Kapeka is a new backdoor that may be a new addition to Russia-link Sandworm’s malware arsenal and possibly a successor to GreyEnergy.