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CISO Strategy

Investors make an early-stage $6.5 million bet on BreachRx, a startup promising to shield cybersecurity executives from personal liability.

Data Breaches

Cisco Duo warns that breach exposed phone numbers, phone carriers, metadata and other logs that could lead to downstream social engineering attacks.

Data Breaches

The US government says Midnight Blizzard’s compromise of Microsoft corporate email accounts "presents a grave and unacceptable risk to federal agencies."

Cloud Security

Cyber Safety Review Board, said “a cascade of errors” by Microsoft let state-backed Chinese cyber operators break into email accounts of senior U.S. officials.

Incident Response

Although the attack on the national library of the UK occurred five months ago, the Library’s infrastructure won’t be rebuilt until mid-April 2024, and...

The OODA Loop: The Military Model That Speeds Up Cybersecurity Response

Incident Response

The OODA Loop can be used both by defenders and incident responders for a variety of use cases such as threat assessment, threat monitoring,...