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100 Million Accounts Stolen From Russian Web Portal Rambler

Hackers stole the details of nearly 100 million users from the Russian web portal Rambler in an attack that took place several years ago.

Rambler, one of Russia’s largest web portals, offers web search, news aggregation, email, e-commerce and other services. Breach notification service LeakedSource learned recently that was hacked on February 17, 2012.

The hackers obtained information associated with more than 98 million user accounts, including usernames, email addresses, passwords and ICQ numbers. LeakedSource has verified that the leaked information is genuine.

At the time of the breach, Rambler had stored passwords in clear text, making it easy for malicious actors to abuse the data. The most common passwords found in the dump are “asdasd,” “asdasd123,” “123456” and “000000.”

SecurityWeek has reached out to Rambler for comment and will update this article if the company responds.

The dump was provided to LeakedSource by the same individual who revealed that the 2012 breach impacted at least 43 million accounts.

Numerous mega breaches, most of which took place between 2011 and 2013, came to light in the past months. While many of these incidents were disclosed after they were detected, affected vendors did not know or chose not to disclose the full extent of the breach.

The list of impacted organizations includes Mail.Ru (25 million), LinkedIn (167 million), Myspace (360 million), Tumblr (65 million) and VK (170 million). The leaked credentials have also been used in password reuse attacks targeting companies like Netflix, Facebook, GitHub, and Twitter.

LeakedSource has so far added more than 2 billion records to its databases and the company plans on adding many more over the upcoming period.

“We have so many databases waiting to be added that if we were to add one per day it would still take multiple years to finish them all,” the company said.

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