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Hacking back, whether as part of an active defense strategy or a threat intelligence effort, is a controversial practice that many security firms and experts officially advise against. Industry professionals comment on the impact and implications of hacking back.
Microsoft has reissued one of its security patches after users reported that it caused Outlook to crash.
A team from Iowa State University was awarded $25,000 for winning the first National Cyber Analyst Challenge, a competition created by Lockheed Martin and Temple University's Institute for Business and Information Technology.
Britain’s spy agency GCHQ and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport announced a £6.5 million investment in CyberInvest, a new initiative aimed at offering support for cyber security research.
Germany's secret service "systematically spied" on its allies and various international organizations such as the Red Cross, Der Spiegel magazine reported on Saturday.
Symantec this week launched Directed Threat Research, a new DeepSight Intelligence add-on service available for Advanced Enterprise subscribers looking for access to customized cyber threat intelligence.
San Diego-based based iboss Cybersecurity announced on Tuesday that it has raised $35 million in a Series A funding round from investment giant Goldman Sachs.
Hackers breached the systems of anti-adblocking service PageFair and used the access to deliver malware
Researchers have found a way to bypass Microsoft EMET mitigations with one shot via the WoW64 Windows subsystem.
The US Senate Tuesday passed cybersecurity legislation aimed at facilitating sharing of attack threats, a measure backed by the US administration but opposed by many tech giants and privacy activists.

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Joshua Goldfarb's picture
Organizations continue to suffer from alert fatigue, making it difficult to make informed decisions in a timely manner. A narrative-driven model provides an adequate framework to support timely, actionable, and informed decisions.
Alastair Paterson's picture
Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is critical for organizations that want to gain a comprehensive, tailored and relevant view of the potential threats and types of attackers that could be targeting them.
Travis Greene's picture
The challenge in Information Security is recognizing how biases affect our judgment in evaluating and responding to threats and taking steps to mitigate them.
Danelle Au's picture
Attackers are thinking outside the box, using sophisticated breach methods and taking advantage of a very collaborative ecosystem. Perhaps it’s time to supplement all our security defenses with a hacker-centric security paradigm.
Jay Schulman's picture
The ability to recruit the right person for an application security role who can also find the flaws is a struggle for many organizations. These job openings rarely get filled.
Torsten George's picture
The DHS initiated the Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation program to safeguard and secure Federal Information Technology networks. But can the DHS CDM program really strengthen the security posture of government networks?
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
Incident response is about taking action on those informed decisions. Once a threat is understood, it should be contained and remediated and security teams should respond quickly to minimize or eliminate damage to the organization.
Jason Polancich's picture
Companies that engage in periodic or annual cyber risk assessments and feel comfortable with results are flirting with disappointment - and maybe even disaster.
Bill Sweeney's picture
IT practitioners must learn to think, and communicate, like a board member. One opportunity for security leaders and CISOs to showcase their executive skills comes in the form of defending their budgets.
Rafal Los's picture
Everyone is talking about the shortage in security talent. Literally, everyone. It’s not for naught though, when you look at the sheer volume of open positions out there. We must have a talent shortage, right?