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Oracle announced it is buying Dyn, a Web traffic management firm recently hit with a cyber attack that closed off the internet to millions of users. [Read More]
A recent business survey shows that ransomware is no longer just about extorting money; and paying any ransomware is unlikely to guarantee resolution. [Read More]
Computer hackers have broken into a database of mobile operator Three Mobile customers and accessed their personal details in order to steal smartphones, the UK network said. [Read More]
IBM launches new cyber range that can help organizations, including security experts and non-experts, efficiently respond to attacks. [Read More]
Synack launches new crowdsourced security product for governments and starts analyzing the IRS’s official website [Read More]
U.S. Army announces plans to launch its first ever bug bounty program in collaboration with HackerOne [Read More]
Madison County, Indiana, was the victim of ransomware last week. According to Madison County Commissioner John Richwine, it followed the directions of its insurance carrier in how to respond to the attack. [Read More]
Canada based Casino Rama Resort said that a hacker broke into its internal computer systems and accessed customer, employee and vendor information. [Read More]
Yahoo provided more details on Wednesday about an epic hack of its services, including that the culprits may have planted software "cookies" for ongoing access to users' accounts. [Read More]
Little is currently known about how money was stolen from thousands of Tesco Bank current account (checking account) holders last weekend. [Read More]

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Ashley Arbuckle's picture
There’s a lot organizations can do to strengthen their incident response capabilities so that they’re up to the test. Here are a few ways to take charge and ensure a better outcome...
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
Defenders must think more broadly about the risk they're trying to mitigate, rather than getting distracted and instituting one-off policies and solutions to new means that may arise.
Torsten George's picture
Faced with hundreds, thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of vulnerabilities across their IT infrastructures leaves security practitioners at a virtually insurmountable disadvantage.
Marc Solomon's picture
Threat intelligence that incorporates external and internal data can go a long way toward helping you mitigate breaches during the holiday shopping frenzy.
Travis Greene's picture
Unlike the political arena, or even other divisions of the technology industry, when working in IT security, people rarely notice when everything is done perfectly.
Avi Chesla's picture
It's time to consider whether proactive defense strategies exist in the realm of real battlefields.
Scott Simkin's picture
Don’t expect to plug a cybersecurity specialist into the role of threat intelligence analyst, as the jobs require different skill sets.
Adam Meyer's picture
Cyber threat intelligence can help further optimize your incident response processes so that you can not only respond faster and better, but also reduce adversary opportunity and in turn go through fewer incident response fire drills.
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The pivotal role of cybersecurity during the recent United States presidential election has underscored the critical need to focus on a secure electoral process.
Eddie Garcia's picture
To reduce the chances of falling victim to an insider-driven breach, security and risk professionals should start by learning what their available data can tell them.