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AlienVault has closed an impressive $52 million Series E funding round, bringing the total raised by the company to nearly $116 million. said that hackers breached a server and made away with credit card and personal information of roughly 93,000 of its customers.
Symantec will sell its Veritas information management business to investment firm The Carlyle Group for roughly $8 billion in cash.
The FBI is having trouble filling jobs for its cybersecurity programs because of comparatively low pay and rigorous background checks, an auditor's report says.
Zscaler, a provider of cloud-based security solutions, has raised $100 million in a round of funding led by late stage investor TPG.
Hackers breach systems of operations performance management firm PagerDuty. Names, email addresses, and password hashes accessed in attack.
Sharing details of the breach would help other organizations identify if they have also been targeted by this group, security experts said.
Industrial cybersecurity startup CyberX has launched its Industrial Threat Intelligence Platform, which the company says can help utilities identify cyber security threats in operational networks.
New York- based managed care provider Healthfirst said that roughly 5,300 of its current and members had personal information compromised as a result of a fraud scheme.
Anonymous hackers steal thousands of records from US Census Bureau. Agency says only non-confidential system have been breached.

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Joshua Goldfarb's picture
The way in which we as a security community seem to be approaching the topic of information sharing seems backward to me.
Rafal Los's picture
Security people who jump into troubled security organizations to help right the ship put their careers on the line and personal aspirations on hold, and their families take a temporary back seat.
Travis Greene's picture
As much fun as it is to wake up to patches waiting to be unwrapped, we don’t want the regret of “exploit Wednesday”, which is far more embarrassing than becoming a victim of a zero-day exploit.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
Detection is a philosophy, approach, and methodology that seeks to identify suspicious or malicious behaviors matching risks and threats the organization is concerned about.
Torsten George's picture
Some insurers are citing litigation and poor operations as reasons not to payout on losses.
Rafal Los's picture
Most of a company’s security program elements should have three pieces – those you build, those you buy and those for which you find a partner to help you manage.
Scott Gainey's picture
Organizations are asking the question – how much do I really need to spend on security in order to tip the scales in my favor? In order to answer that question you must first quantify the impact and risk of a cyber attack.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
When rock stars use their platforms to harp on populist issues or bring attention to themselves or their agendas, it comes at the expense of all of these challenges. In my view, this does not help advance the state of security.
Torsten George's picture
In response to the uptick in cyber-attacks, legislators and industry governing bodies alike have started to revise their guidelines to emphasize the implementation of a pro-active, risk-based approach to security over the traditional check-box mentality.
Rafal Los's picture
Every good leader, security or otherwise, builds out a strategy to set a direction and goals, with guidelines for execution and maybe even a way to measure success.