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WhiteHat Security Launches New Software Testing Products

Application security firm WhiteHat Security on Tuesday announced the general availability of a new product line designed to help organizations conduct comprehensive code analysis.

The new line, named Essentials, includes the Sentinel Source Essentials Edition and Sentinel SCA Essentials Edition products. Their goal is to complement the company’s flagship solution, Sentinel Source Standard Edition.

WhiteHat Security launches new Essentials product lineSentinel SCA Essentials Edition is a standalone service that provides fully automated software composition analysis (SCA). It’s designed to help organizations quickly identify third-party and open source components used in their applications, and provide information on licenses, outdated libraries, and the presence of known vulnerabilities.

Sentinel Source Essentials Edition, powered by WhiteHat’s Attack Vector Intelligence technology, provides fully automated static application security testing (SAST) and helps organizations prioritize the vulnerabilities found in their code.

“With the ‘Essentials’ line of products, we continue executing on our strategy to provide a specific, dedicated flavor of application security testing and SCA products for each DevOps persona: programmers with WhiteHat Scout, builders and testers with Sentinel Source and Sentinel SCA Essentials Editions, and deployment specialists with Sentinel Source Standard Edition,” said Joseph Feiman, chief strategy officer at WhiteHat Security.

“With more applications being pushed out than ever, the ‘Essentials’ product line gives organizations technology options that enable security teams to earn quick wins by having developers rapidly detect and remediate security vulnerabilities – a major step in achieving DevSecOps,” Feiman added.

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