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A vulnerability affecting a powerful and widely used Intel driver can give attackers deep access to a device, firmware security company Eclypsium warns. [Read More]
SAP this week released 11 Notes as part of the November 2019 Security Patch Day, along with four updates to previously released Security Notes. [Read More]
A new variant of the attack dubbed ZombieLoad impacts Intel CPUs that were not affected by the previously disclosed ZombieLoad method. [Read More]
Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday updates for November 2019 fix over 70 vulnerabilities, including an Internet Explorer flaw that has been exploited in attacks. [Read More]
Magento is advising users to apply patches for a remote code execution flaw that could allow unauthenticated attackers to deliver malicious payloads. [Read More]
Adobe has patched a total of 11 vulnerabilities in its Animate, Illustrator, Media Encoder and Bridge products. [Read More]
Tech support scammers are exploiting an unpatched bug in Firefox to lock the web browser. [Read More]
Check Point’s ZoneAlarm forum has been breached and the details of thousands of users have been leaked. [Read More]
Crowdsourced security platform Bugcrowd paid over half a million dollars in bug bounty rewards during the last week of October alone. [Read More]
The recent attacks exploiting the BlueKeep vulnerability to deliver cryptocurrency miners caused some systems to crash due to the Meltdown patch being installed. [Read More]

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Gunter Ollmann's picture
Any bug hunter, security analyst, software vendor, or device manufacturer should not rely on CVSS as the pointy end of the stick for prioritizing remediation.
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In a world of over-hyped bugs, stunt hacking, and branded vulnerability disclosures, my advice to CISOs is to make security lemonade by finding practical next steps to take.
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Regardless of which framework you use, it’s crucial to operationalize it in the context of your organization’s unique environment and risk factors.
Marc Solomon's picture
Recalculating and reevaluating priorities based on a continuous flow of new data, learnings and your risk profile, helps to ensure you’re staying focused on what matters in a highly dynamic environment.
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Proper evaluation of business risk requires insight into the likelihood that a vulnerability will be exploited, and if exploited, how that vulnerability could impact the company on a macro level.
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Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) provide hackers with multiple venues to access an organization’s data and can even be used to cause massive business disruptions.
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Microservices and containers enable faster application delivery and improved IT efficiency. However, the adoption of these technologies has outpaced security.
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We can’t rely on our own governments to practice responsible full disclosure. Full Disclosure is compromised. We can’t really blame them. Either everyone discloses, or no-one does.
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By understanding and easing the cultural shift this entails, you can save time and money and sleep better at night with security occupying a seat at the DevOps table.
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As DevOps and agile development methodologies take greater root in the enterprise, the traditional tools and approaches for eliminating vulnerabilities in code will no longer be able to keep pace.