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SAP has announced the release of five new and two updated security notes as part of its August 2022 Security Patch Day. [Read More]
The race to mitigate a gaping authentication bypass vulnerability in VMware Workspace ONE Access, Identity Manager and vRealize Automation products just got a lot more urgent. [Read More]
Microsoft on Tuesday released a critical-severity bulletin to warn of a newly discovered zero-day attack exploiting a remote code execution vulnerability in its flagship Windows operating system. [Read More]
Researchers disclose the details of ÆPIC Leak, an architectural bug in Intel CPUs that exposes data protected by SGX. [Read More]
Researchers disclose the details of SQUIP, a side-channel attack targeting the scheduler queues of AMD CPUs. [Read More]
Adobe has released patches for at least 25 documented security vulnerabilities that expose Windows and macOS users to malicious hacker attacks. [Read More]
Microsoft starts publishing Office symbols to help bug hunters find and report security issues in Office products. [Read More]
Siemens and Schneider Electric have only released 8 advisories this Patch Tuesday — they describe 11 vulnerabilities, some of which will never get patched. [Read More]
IBM has released patches for multiple high-severity vulnerabilities in Netezza for Cloud Pak for Data, Voice Gateway, and SiteProtector system. [Read More]
Open redirect vulnerabilities in American Express and Snapchat were exploited in phishing attacks for months. [Read More]

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Digital experience monitoring technology goes beyond the monitoring of resources and applications, allowing for automated remediation and uncompromised user productivity.
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As email security is an ever-changing landscape, focusing on the most relevant issues in the threat landscape is where organizations need to start.
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Most organizations want to adopt DevSecOps practices, but their current practices are closer to traditional waterfall methodologies than the agile practices described in this DevSecOps manifesto.
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XDR architecture must be broad and deep so that organizations can get the most value out of their existing best-of-breed security solutions, including their free, open-source tools.
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Armed with the right cyber defense strategy, tools, and security controls, organizations can defend themselves against ransomware attacks.
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The strategies used by attackers and fraudsters to profit from cryptocurrency are not new. Here are five steps end-users can take to protect themselves.
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If you are among the growing group of organizations looking to an MDR provider to supplement your security operations with XDR, make sure you consider these three factors.
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Leverage the power of the collective - the network effect – for its ever-evolving intelligence wherever possible to keep your employees free of all the bad stuff that has made it to their inboxes.
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The goal of XDR is detection and response across the infrastructure, across all attack vectors, across different vendors, and across security technologies that are cloud based and on premises.
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Cybersecurity Awareness Month is an excellent time to reflect on any changes made, and that might still need to be made since, as for many people hybrid has become the working ‘normal.’