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Malware & Threats

Noteworthy stories that might have slipped under the radar: Unpatched Google vulnerability exploited, 3D printers hacked by white hats, WhatsApp will get NSO spyware. 


Credentials stored on Ivanti VPN appliances impacted by recent vulnerabilities are likely compromised, government agencies say.

Malware & Threats

North Korean group Lazarus exploited AppLocker driver zero-day CVE-2024-21338 for privilege escalation in attacks involving FudModule rootkit.

US Government Urges Cleanup of Routers Infected by Russia’s APT28

Malware & Threats

The US government says Russia’s APT28 group compromised Ubiquiti EdgeRouters to run cyberespionage operations worldwide.

Chinese Cyberspies Use New Malware in Ivanti VPN Attacks

Malware & Threats

Chinese threat actors target Ivanti VPN appliances with new malware designed to persist system upgrades.

Malware & Threats

The Black Basta and Bl00dy ransomware gangs have started exploiting two vulnerabilities in ConnectWise ScreenConnect.