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Watch on Demand: Supply Chain Security Summit & Expo (Virtual)

Supply Chain Security Summit

We're excited that all sessions from SecurityWeek's 2022 Supply Chain Security Summit & Virtual Expo are now available to watch on demand.

In the wake of the Log4j, SolarWinds and Kaseya mega-hacks that continue to unravel, software supply chain security and fragility is again on the front-burner for enterprise security decision makers.  

This fully immersive virtual summit examines the current state of supply chain attacks, the weakest links along the way, and best practices for managing this massive attack surface.

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11:00 AM ET - How To Apply Intelligence Across Your Third-Party Suppliers

11:30 AM ET -  Software Supply Chain Security at the Design: The Overlooked Risk

12:00 PM ET - Fireside Chat: A Civil Discourse on SBOMs

Allan Friedman, U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), Senior Advisor and Strategist and "SBOM Champion"

Sounil Yu, CISO at JupiterOne

Andy Ellis, YL Ventures

1:00 PM ET - Can You Really Secure a Digital Supply Chain Right Now? Yes.

1:00 PM ET - Open Source Risk: The Ground Zero of Software Supply Chain Security 

1:30 PM ET - Find the hidden backdoors in your Software Supply chain

1:30 PM ET - How to Align Internal Cybersecurity Practices with External Third-Party Risk Management

2:00 PM ET - The Role Secrets Play in a Supply Chain Attack

2:00 PM ET - The Rise of Financial Supply Chain Compromise as Email’s Next Big Threat

2:30 PM ET -Defending the Supply Chain

2:30 PM ET - GitHub Actions & Code Injection: Avoiding Vulnerable Configurations

3:15 PM ET - Practitioner Panel: Overcoming Supply Chain Security Blind Spots

Shaun Marion, VP & CISO, McDonald's

Anne Marie Zettlemoyer, VP, Security Engineering at Mastercard

Ryan Naraine, Editor-at-Large, SecurityWeek


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