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SSNDOB Cybercrime Marketplace Taken Down by Law Enforcement

US law enforcement on Tuesday announced the takedown of SSNDOB Marketplace, a series of websites selling personally identifiable information (PII).

For years, the SSNDOB Marketplace sold the personal information – such as Social Security numbers, names, and birth dates – of millions of people, including approximately 24 million individuals in the US.

Authorities estimate that the PII sellers raked in over $19 million from this illicit activity.

The marketplace’s administrators advertised their portals on dark web criminal forums, offered customer support, and monitored customer activity, including when money was being deposited into accounts.

They also employed various anonymity protection techniques and detection prevention methods, including by hiding their true identities with online monikers, maintaining servers in various countries, and requiring the use of digital payment methods, such as Bitcoin.

In cooperation with law enforcement in Cyprus and Latvia, US authorities seized domain names associated with the SSNDOB Marketplace, including,,, and

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