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Skyhigh Networks Launches Data Security Solution for Cloud Services

Skyhigh Networks, a startup that emerged from stealth mode earlier this year, announced that its flagship cloud visibility and control solution is now available.

Skyhigh Networks, a startup that emerged from stealth mode earlier this year, announced that its flagship cloud visibility and control solution is now available.

Called Skyhigh Secure, the solution is designed to help enterprises address cloud data protection requirements — including contextual access control, application auditing, encryption, data loss prevention (DLP), and cloud-to-cloud access control.

In short, Skyhigh Secure lets organizations know which cloud services their employees use, and the associated risks those services may pose.

Earlier this year the Cupertino, California-based company announced that it had received $20 million in a Series B financing round led by Sequoia Capital, bringing the total investment in the company to more than $26 million.

The company explained that Skyhigh Secure’s capabilities enable secure access to cloud services from mobile devices without the need to install software agents or other footprints on the device, and without the need for VPN or rerouting of mobile traffic through the enterprise network.

“The cloud should be viewed as an asset and not as a threat, but organizations are slow to fully adopt cloud services because of concerns around the security of their data,” said Rajiv Gupta, CEO of Skyhigh Networks. “With Skyhigh Secure, we are effectively providing our customers with a virtual ‘cloud edge’ that consistently and transparently enforces their security, privacy, and regulatory policies on their corporate data stored in cloud services.”

[Read SecurityWeek’s interview with Skyhigh Networks CEO Rajiv Gupta

According to the company, Skyhigh Secure delivers the following features:

• Contextual Access Control: Allows or denies access to corporate data in the cloud based on user, device, and geographic location.

• Application Auditing: Granular auditing of application usage and real-time identification and alerting of anomalous use.

• Encryption: Industry standards-based 256-bit encryption for structured and unstructured data that maintains sorting, searching, and other end-user functionalities.

• CloudDLP: Inline and offline DLP for cloud data including alerting, encrypting, and blocking actions and integration with existing on-premise DLP solutions.

• Cloud-to-Cloud Control: Consistent enforcement of corporate policies as data moves from mobile to cloud, on-premise to cloud and even from cloud to cloud.

Skyhigh Secure supports leading cloud services across all major categories, the company said, including cloud storage and collaboration, social business platforms, customer relationship management (e.g., Salesforce), productivity suites (e.g., Office 365), human resources and finance and IT service management.

More information on Skyhigh Secure is available online

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For more than 10 years, Mike Lennon has been closely monitoring the threat landscape and analyzing trends in the National Security and enterprise cybersecurity space. In his role at SecurityWeek, he oversees the editorial direction of the publication and is the Director of several leading security industry conferences around the world.

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