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Silver Tail Systems Uses Web Session History to Identify Threats

Silver Tail Systems, a provider of fraud prevention solutions for Web sites, this week announced a new offering that provides site operators with real-time analysis of web site user behavior to help identify potentially malicious activity.

Silver Tail SystemsThe generically named “Profile Analyzer” models an individual’s user behavior against their past usage history in order to determine the web session is legitimate or suspicious. A solution particularly attractive to financial institutions and ecommerce sites, Silver Tail’s approach combines baseline data gathered from overall site user history and the context of specific users in order to pinpoint online threats.

“Customers need full context of their users’ behavior to accurately determine what is legitimate web behavior and what is suspicious,” said Nick Edwards, Vice President of Marketing, at Silver Tail Systems. “Profile Analyzer provides that level of visibility, helping customers unlock the new capabilities afforded by innovation on the web without compromising security.”

Profile Analyzer also includes “Parameter Injection detection” technology which uses analytics to identify users being targeted by malware such as the popular Zeus Trojan and other advanced banking malware that often modifies legitimate website content in the browser to covertly intercept sensitive information such bank card numbers and pin numbers.

Silver Tail's Profile Analyzer solution has been tested at StubHub, the online ticket exchange owned by eBay. “Our mission is to provide fans a safe, convenient place to get tickets to events they want to see, and an easy way to sell their tickets when they can't go. Maintaining integrity with our users’ marketplace is paramount,” said Robert Capps, Senior Manager of Trust and Safety at StubHub. “With Profile Analyzer we can monitor behavior on our platform and arm ourselves with the intelligence we need to identify fraudsters and protect our customers.”

In September 2011, Menlo Park-based Silver Tail Systems announced that it had secured funding from Citi Ventures, as part of a previously announced Series B funding round of approximately $20M, led by Silicon Valley Venture Capital firm Andreessen Horowitz in June. In October 2010, the company received an investment from In-Q-Tel (IQT), the not-for-profit, venture capital arm of the CIA.

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